At the web address ‘www.inolivia.com’ (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) is available the online store that presents and trades in products through Internet of the Greek company under the name “INOLIVIA FOODS P.C.” (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) which is based in Nea Moudania, Agiou Georgiou street no. 23, Halkidiki, Greece (VAT number 801330812 and Business registration no. 154547957000).

Before using and browsing the site, you are kindly requested to take into consideration all the below terms and conditions that specifically apply for the use of the Company’s online store at the above web address (URL: www.inolivia.com).

Make certain that you agree with all the below terms and conditions because any possible transaction between yourself and us through the site is regulated from these terms and conditions and any transaction requires your consent to them.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions of the transactions that take place at the site. The Company is obligated to inform the users about possible changes, through the site. Possible changes do not apply on orders that already have been completed.


The Company is bound to thoroughness and validity of the cited information on the site, both concerning the presence of the essentials characteristics which are individually described in every available product and the accuracy of the elements refer to the provided services, subjected to possible technical or typo errors that lacked diligence or emerged unintentionally or due to force majeure.


The Company vouches for prompt update to its customers regarding possible non-availability. The Company’s site is not responsible for possible technical issues that may emerge while a user tries to connect to the site, and they are related to functionality and compatibility of their equipment. In addition, the Company does not accept the responsibility for any third party’s actions or delinquencies, especially for any third party’s non-permitted interventions in any products or/and in services or/and in information that are available on the site.


The website www.inolivia.com is the official online store of “INOLIVIA FOODS P.C.”. The whole content posted on behalf of the Company, included images, graphics, photos, blueprints, texts and provided products and services, constitute the intellectual property of the Company and they are liable to the according Greek and European Law and to International Treaties. The appearance of trade names, marks, logos and distinctive attributes represent the Company or/and the site or/and any third party of those, is protected under the Greek, European and international Law regarding trademarks and intellectual, industrial property as well as imperfect competition.

In any case the appearance and display of the above on the site, should not be construed in any way to imply transfer or assignment of their license or right of use, without explicit concurrence of the Company.


Users accept and undertake not to use the online store of the Company for sending, posting, sending by email or transmitting in other ways: any content which is illegal, harmful, offensive, annoying, defamatory, smear, obscene, coarse, infringes the privacy of any person’s data, expresses malice or racial, ethnic or other kinds of discrimination, is able to harm minors in any way, is not allowed to be published according to Law, violates any patent, trade mark, intellectual rights or other property rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destruct the operation of any software or computer hardware, infringes the existing Greek and European Law deliberately or unintentionally,  harasses third parties in any way, collects or stores any personal data about other users.


While visiting Company’s site it is possible that we kindly request from you to register your personal data (name, surname, occupation, email address, home address etc.) in order to process your orders or to deliver our services. Your registered personal data at our site are being kept exclusively for reasons regarding the transactions between yourself and us, improvement of the provided services and functionality reassurance of the corresponding service. Furthermore, it is forbidden to be used by any third party (apart from legal authorities whenever it is prescribed by the Law).

In any case the Company’s employees, who have access to your personal data, are specific and access to your personal data without authorization is forbidden. Any reasonable measure has been taken for your data safety. It’s possible that, in extremely rare and specific cases, your personal data can be revealed to Company’s partners, in order to support, propel and carry out the transactional association between yourself and us but always under conditions which completely reassure that your personal data are not incurred by any illegal activity.

Users, at any time, have the right to update or oppose to further processing of their personal data according to existing General Data Protection Regulation.


Users can not repost products, both through the site and directly in any other medium in which the products appear (e.g., social media) without Company’s written permission. When reposting completely forbidden, malicious characterizations, comments and ratings, especially those containing abusive or offensive content, those advertising competitive products, contain threats, contain any personal data, contain redirection links to other websites etc. Any use contrary to the above, apart from any civil and criminal penalties, will result in the discontinuance of the services provided without any warning.


Current terms of use are governed and interpreted by the Greek Law. Any disagreement that may arise from them, Halkidiki’s courts are in control of resolve in the first degree and Thessaloniki’s courts in the second degree.

Any possible violation from any part, both users and the Company, of these terms, whose articles are considered as constitutive, gives the right to the other contracting part to indict these terms.

Any disagreement that may arise from the implementation, execution or interpretation of these terms, the contracting parts before any recourse against each other, will try to resolve it affably through any possible mean including intermediation.

In case that any article appraised as invalid or inapplicable by court, rest of the terms remain untouchable and keep their validity. Any delay from the Company’s side to pursue its rights does not imply resignation of these rights.


According to the provisions of the Article 3ib of Greek Law 2251/1994, a right of withdrawal is not established for any of the Company’s products because they appertain to the exceptions of the above Article, in their entirety.


Our Newsletter service consists of regular sending of informational messages through email in order to share news, information, promotions and presentations about Company’s products and invitations into various events that Company organizes, participates or supports.

The Company maintains an email database of the subscribers on the purpose of sending Newsletters. These personal data are confidential and will never be published on third parties.

The Company has discretion in acceptance or not of any subscription on the service, as well as in possible deletion of any subscriber from the service. Subscribers have the right to withdraw from the service at any time. Every sent email includes a deletion link according to the Law.


Our site includes links for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, hereinafter referred to as “social media”. When you visit our site, the browser installs a connection between your browser and the social media server. This way the social media get the information that you visited our site using your IP address. If you wish, you may associate and / or repost the content of our site on your social media profile while you are logged in to your account. In this way social media can relate your visit to our site with your account. Please note that our Company is not aware of the data being transferred or the way social media use them. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy of each social medium. If you want social media not to associate your visit to our site with the account you maintain in them, you must disconnect from your account from them before you visit our site and delete the cookies.


We can assure you for a safe payment when you decide to buy our products at www.inolivia.com. A payment can be made through a credit, debit or prepaid card, bank account deposit or internet banking and through PayPal.

Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card

If you choose the method “Card Payment”, you will be directed to our bank in order to complete the payment. After a successful payment, you will be redirected back to our site. Every online transaction is protected from the security system of Alpha Bank.

Bank Account Deposit / Internet Banking

When you make an order if you choose “Bank Transfer” as a payment method, you can choose our collaborating bank to make your deposit, either physically or via internet banking, within 2 days from the date of the order.

In addition, when you make the transfer, we kindly request that you clearly state your full name accompanied with the order unique code. We check our bank account every day for new payments, however it may need a couple of days so as your payment to be visible on our account. You will receive an email when your payment is confirmed and your order ready for shipping.

In the case that you did not receive an email which confirms your payment within 5 working days, please contact us via email at info@inolivia.com or call us at +302373401004.


PayPal is an online payment’s service which can be used to make safe and convenient transactions. In order to use this payment method, you need to subscribe with your personal and bank account data.


By placing an order, you agree to purchase a product according to the following terms and conditions. Please note that the automated message which appears on the screen with the details of your order request received by our company does not constitute acceptance of your order, but it is received subject to the above procedure. In case of acceptance, you will receive an order confirmation email, according to the above, which should include the details for the checkout through payment.

In order to offer you a better and more complete service and facilitate your future purchases, when placing your first order you register as a user, providing us with all your personal details requested in the corresponding registration form. After that, each time you complete a purchase, you fill in all the details of your order request which appear on the order form. All information sent to our company is managed exclusively by authorized company personnel, falls within the Privacy Policy of our Company and is collected and processed with the ultimate safety and care and only after you grant your express consent by sending the above-mentioned form. In any case, every time you send an order request to our company you must first have accepted these Terms and Conditions, which govern the transactions between yourself and us in their entirety.

Upon completion of your order request, your total aggregate order will appear, including all the details of your request. If you proceed to the stage of completion of your order, you will be connected to the third-party payment service provider to complete the payment of the agreed price. Upon successful completion of the payment, you will receive an automated email confirming your order, which will also be sent to the email address you have indicated. In case you select the account deposit payment method, the order will not be executed until the company’s bank account is credited with the total amount due.

To ensure the highest possible security of your transactions, our Company may (but is not obliged to) carry out a control through the collaborating payment service providers as to the correctness of the payment information you have sent us (in case of credit card payment or payment through a third-party online payment service provider) upon completion of your order and connection with a third-party payment service provider. Our Company may reject your order if there is any problem or even the possibility of any problem arising regarding this information.

After that, your order proceeds to the stage of collection and you will receive an email when the products are ready to be shipped to the indicated shipping address or picked up from our Shop.

Please note that shipping times are subject to delays caused by courier procrastinations or force majeure for which we cannot be held responsible. Within Greece, deliveries usually take 1-3 working days and within Cyprus 5-7 working days after the shipping. After receiving the confirmation email you can use the order tracking tool we provide, always, through the section Order Tracking at the bottom of our site.

In order to implement a transaction between yourself and the Company, you must be over 18 years of age. Visitors under the age of 18 should not exchange data and any information with us. When placing an order, you undertake that all details you provide us with are true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card used to place your order and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the goods.

Please note that, due to the nature of our products, which consist mainly of products that can be damaged or expire soon, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow the instructions provided on the product package or on our site. Likewise, the customer undertakes the responsibility for the products from their delivery to the carrier. In addition, due to the nature of the offered products, we will hold no responsibility in case the product is not received from the customer on the day of delivery, on the first delivery attempt. The Company reserves the right to change the specifications of all merchandise without prior notice.

All items are intended for personal use only and not for re-sale.

When you place an order, you will receive an email confirming that we have received and accepted your order. The product purchase contract will be drawn up only after your payment has been authorized and the amount has been charged to your credit card, debit card or PayPal account, or when the Company’s bank account is credited with the total amount due. In case of cash payment at our Shop, the products are delivered with retention of ownership. In case you select the account deposit payment method, the order will not be executed until the Company’s bank account is credited with the total amount due. Please note that we only accept Euro for cash and account deposit payments.

During the processing of your order, you will receive a number of automated emails informing you on the progress of your order. These emails concern the following steps:
a) Order confirmation
b) Order processing
c) Incomplete order
d) Cancelled order

In addition, in case anything is missing, or a problem occurs while processing your order, you will receive a corresponding email and/or we will contact you by phone, via the phone numbers you indicated when you registered or when you placed your order on our site.

By sending an order request you consent to receiving the above notices, which are a precondition for the proper progress of your order. You should make sure you can receive these emails and store them throughout the duration of our transaction. In case you are not receiving these emails, you must contact us through an email or a phone call.

In case you place a telephone order you consent to the following:

  1. Your calls, as we inform you at the beginning of each telephone communication, are being recorded for safety reasons but also for reasons that serve the proper completion of your orders.
  2. You may pay for your order by credit card, by bank account deposit or upon picking up the products from our Company’s actual Shop after having paid by cash for your order on the spot.
  3. Provided that the user has an email address, a number of emails are sent to the email address he/she will indicate to our representative in charge. Otherwise, the user accepts that the order confirmation which will be recorded during the telephone communication is full proof of the total order and its pricing and that it complies with the terms and conditions of your written briefing, notification, order confirmation, so far as is required by law. In case of any problem during the execution of your order, we will contact you at any time by telephone at the telephone numbers you have indicated.
  4. For all other instances, all the present Terms and Conditions apply to telephone orders.


Our company offers alternative ways of receipt and delivery of products for your convenience. When you place your order, you are asked to choose how you wish to receive or how you want us to send you the products you have ordered. Depending on the way you have selected, the total final cost of your order is calculated. This cost will be used for the payment of your order and will be included in the order confirmation.

Order requests from abroad (except Cyprus) can be placed through communication with us at the email address info@inolivia.com.

Time, Means, Place of Receipt/Delivery

The delivery time of your order is determined by its finalization as well as the order confirmation email received upon its completion.

Pick up of your order from our Shop at Agiou Georgiou street no. 13, Nea Moudania, Halkidiki during working days and hours i.e. Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 13:00, excluding holidays.

In case you wish your order to be dispatched to an indicated delivery address, the delivery will be carried out:

  1. By a partner transportation company, i.e. Speedex or Courier Center for deliveries around Greece and Cyprus. Our Company and its partners take all necessary steps to ensure the timely delivery of the order to the buyer based on the basic delivery schedule of each transportation company. We cannot guarantee neither the arrival time nor the exact delivery time of the ordered goods, as it depends entirely on the transportation companies that we collaborate with. Our company is not accountable for any delays caused by force majeure or unexpected events or events beyond its control. Our company is responsible for the proper delivery of your order to the carrier, and, from that point on, the liability lies with the buyer subject to article 524 AK. The transportation cost is defined by the pricing policy of each transportation company, which is solely responsible for shipping charges, and which may alter the relevant prices at any time. The Company is not liable for any such pricing change.
  2. Please note that in case of collection from our Shop, or in case of account deposit, our company retains ownership of the purchased goods until full and complete payment of the purchase price.
  3. Subject to any special charges for the transportation and delivery which will be expressly mentioned for a product listed on our site, the general pricing policy is the following:

Shipping costs within Greece

  1. For shipping within Greece by partner transportation companies, i.e. Speedex and Courier Center, shipping costs per order are 2.9€ and 3.5€ and for deliveries to Cyprus amount to 9€ and 13.5€ respectively.
  2. For shipping to all Greece and Cyprus, the cost will be calculated automatically in the shopping basket page (depending on each order’s volumetric weight features) and will be included in your order request before the completion and payment. In addition to the above costs for orders delivered to remote areas, or islands, or orders delivered to hard-to-reach regions there is an “inaccessible destination fee” depending on each order’s volumetric weight features, which will be charged as per the transportation company fees. You can easily check whether your shipping address is considered a hard-to-reach region from your shopping basket.

Please note that all the above-mentioned prices are subject to change at any time.

If you are not at the delivery address to receive your parcel at the time of delivery, the distributor will leave an information note with instructions on how to collect your order. In this case, the risk of loss or damage of goods is transferred to the buyer, considering the vulnerability of goods. The distributor will attempt to deliver the goods up to 3 times, otherwise the goods will remain in the distributor’s premises under your own responsibility and expense and under the carrier’s general terms of storage.


An order change or cancellation can only be accepted if the confirmed order has not been dispatched, i.e. the order has not been completed. After order confirmation and even if the order has not been dispatched, the delivery address cannot be changed for security (anti-fraud) reasons. In case of any problem please contact us.


The Company makes every effort to ensure that the products are in perfect condition, with the agreed features and without any real defects, and it reserves all legal rights and obligations. The Customer is obliged, at the time of delivery, to check the status of the products sold, the intact packaging and the expiration date. If a product is found to be faulty or if the products delivered are different to the ones ordered, the Customer must contact the Company (by telephone or email) immediately after delivery. The product is replaced immediately, provided there is availability, at no cost.


From time to time, we may offer promotional or discount vouchers, which will apply to specific purchases made through this site. The conditions of use of any discount voucher or promotion code will be determined at the time of their issuing and will clearly indicate their expiry date. In addition, we will run special offers, valid only when used individually. It will not be possible to use these offers combined with another offer, Discount Voucher or Promotion Code. We also reserve the right to withdraw an offer, discount voucher, promotion code at any time, due to limited stock availability and any other operational reason or replace the product on offer with a similar stock item, where appropriate.


VAT  Number: 801330812
Registration Number: 154547957000
Address: N. Moudania, 63200, Halkidiki
Manager: Xrysopooulou Zoe