Inolivia’s prior aim is to be recognized as a forward-thinking company and a
trustworthy supplier of olive products and delicacies of Mediterranean origin at
all levels of the supply chain.

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The medium-term agricultural outlook of Inolivia:
Considering the environmental aspects of EU policy frameworks Inolivia applies cultivation processes focusing on nitrogen and phosphorus balances as well as saving water and energy resources. Sustainability and health care concerns are the main drivers of Inolivia’s production actions. Odysseas Elytis is still up-to-date though with his quote:

“If you deconstruct Greece, you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat remain. That is, with as much, you reconstruct her”.

It is our constant concern to increase confidence for our production and manufacturing processes to minimise negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources. Inolivia continuously practices sustainable manufacturing to reap the benefits, from reduced resource and production costs to enhanced recruitment ability, increased sales and brand popularity.

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It is the customer that counts most: Although the post-Covid-19 demand seem to recover, main uncertainties remain with inflation leading the race. Within this era loyal to its principles, Inolivia ensures the entire supply operation, and its people hold the absolute control of the raw material, the production, packaging, distribution, and sales as well as the associated cost. Our effort to achieve the creation of high-quality products include cooperation with exceptional associates that inspect, certify, and undertake each production stage, to guarantee the creation of a gourmet, healthy, and tasty food.

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Food of Mediterranean origin: Nations need to eat and eat food of high nutritional value. In this respect, at Inolivia we try to keep the established trade lines open and continue to export goods to our customers. The rising incomes, the popularity of Mediterranean cuisine and prices that are competitive are supportive to our goals.

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Through the veins of history: Mediterranean Life and its diet traditions inspire our business development throughout actual and projected exports. Hippocrates with his famous quote “Let food be thy medicine”, considered nutrition one of the main tools that a doctor can use. More than that, dietary measures play a lead part in the original oath of Hippocrates which in its original ancient Greek refers to dietetic and lifestyle measures in just one word, διαιτήμασί (pronounce as “deaytimasy”).

You may recognise the word “diet” in there. It means as much as a lifestyle regime, with a focus on diet. This for Inolivia is projected to Mediterranean Life. Through our efforts, food tech and modern cuisine those words have a special meaning to every kitchen around the world while preparing the family meals.

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Positively impacting society: Inolivia’s size is small compared to the Giants where formal CSR definitions apply. However, Corporate Social Responsibility is merely a matter of proportionality rather than size. In this respect, Inolivia plans at purpose-driven ways to create social and environmental benefits while pursuing organizational goals.

Recently, Inolivia has implemented a 1-1-1 philanthropic model, which involves giving one percent of product, one percent of equity, and one percent of employees’ time to communities and the nonprofit sector.