Founded in 2011, Inolivia Foods started its operation in the production of high-quality products modeled on Mediterranean-Life. The business model of the company, mainly directed to exports, is based on solid principles like the olive tree itself. The roots, the trunk, the rich evergreen foliage, the sacred fruit are depicted as stages in the production processes of the company.


The history of Inolivia Foods starts from a small settlement in Halkidiki known as ‘Mikros Vavdos’. There, under the shadow of the mountain range of Vigla, the intensive plantation of olive trees, Banavas Estate, is located. In this unique area our olives find the ideal conditions, the right soil, to bear fruit and give the unique olives from Halkidiki. Today, our trees are thousands, and their roots are the rock that has always supported Inolivia Foods in food production through a single, state-of-the-art, strictly controlled plantation.



As the juices circulate in the trunk of the olive tree from the roots to the branches and vice versa, so the business operation of Inolivia Foods is self-powered and evolving and has complete control over the raw material, production, packaging, distribution, sale, and of customer service.

In the effort to achieve the most complete version of our products, we hire excellent partners, co-workers, who control, certify and undertake every stage of production, in order to ensure the most gourmet product, of nutritional value, in flavors and combinations unprecedented.

The framework of values of our Company starts from the person and ends in him based on reliability, respect, teamwork, and courtesy. In a spirit of cooperation, we aim at the mutual benefit of our partners inside and outside the company. We respect the different point of view, which arises from the needs of Inolivia Foods’s customers, consumers, and partners, and which we either flexibly incorporate into our practices or politely reject.

Our goal is to keep our word and be effective.



Today at Inolivia Foods we develop Greek Mediterranean flavors with ingredients and recipes inspired by the Mediterranean Lifestyle (Mediterranean-Life). With these we want to set for the whole world, a table without borders, full of the fruits of the Mediterranean, which will include:

Greek Olives and olive spreads in various flavors
Salads / Appetizers (Taramosalata, Eggplant Salad)
Hummus with a variety of flavors (Tomato, Red Pepper, Chili, Green Olive)
Salad accompaniments (Artichoke Heart, Sun-dried Tomatoes)
Marinated Garlic

Our products are available in easy-to-use packages, mainly glass jars, that meet the different needs of our customers.

Green Olives

This is how we celebrate.
And the reason for the celebration is life itself and its simple joys.
In them we drink to your health, as we Greeks wish.