Fried Inolivia
Fried Inolivia

Drain the olives on an absorbent paper towel and then carefully stuff them with the diced pork. Pour the beer in a bowl and add the pepper. Gradually add the flour and whisk the mix until homogenous.

Dip the olives in the batter one at a time and fry in high heat for 1 minute until golden brown. Drain the excess oil and serve sprinkled with lemon zest.


The remaining batter is excellent for making pancakes.


250 gr of Inolivia green olives with herbs
125 gr of smoked finely diced pork
Zest of two lemons

For the batter:
1 can of beer (330 ml)
250 gr of flour
Pinch of black pepper
Sunflower oil for the frying

  • Green olives marinated with herbs

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